Hi, I’m Alex

A creative photographer in the UK

It is incredible what can be seen when you really look. I draw my inspiration from all aspects of visual life.

Training as a textile designer originally allows me to see things in photography from a different creative angle and to regularly experiment with artistic and production layering techniques – for example with multiple exposure and intentional camera movement (ICM) – to get to the images I’m chasing.

My goal is to produce photographic artwork which communicates to the viewer and favourably draw them in to react in some way.

All my work is for sale as canvas prints in various sizes. Please email me for more information and quantity discounts.

Quite simply, thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

Recent achievements & mentions

January 2024: Galleryone 962: Featured artist

November 2023: Lens Culture Discoveries: Editor’s Pick

September 2023: British Photography Awards: shortlisted Fine Art category

September 2023: Coast Magazine: Double page spread/feature

Autumn 2022 : Art Consultants: now working with US-based International Art Consultants

20 Oct 2022 : CUPOTY 2022 – Shortlisted (Manmade category)

06 May 2022 : ICM Community : Featured artist

21 Apr 2022 : Spectaculum Magazine : Tiptoe through the tulips

04 Apr 2022 : ICM Community : Featured ICM artist

24 Feb 2022 : Spectaculum Magazine : Pastel Impressions

11 Dec 2021 : ICM Community : “In conversation with..”  & Constructed Ribbon Landscapes features

26 Nov 2021 : ICM Community : ICM artist to follow

17 Nov 2021 : ICM World Photographer

25 Oct 2021 : ICM Community : Featured ICM artist

20 Oct 2021 : The Pictorial List : Featured Photographer : Constructed Ribbon Landscapes

20 Oct 2021 : Spectaculum Magazine : Featured Photographer: Universal Landscapes (Magazine Series Feature) & interview

30 Sep 2021 : Nature Photographer of the Year (NPOTY) – Final Round Selection : After Summer Rain Shower

07 Sep 2021 : Surrey Life Magazine : Photo feature